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Leapsome Review



Feedback and Recognition:

Leapsome provides a robust feedback system that enables employees to give and receive feedback quickly. It offers various feedback formats including 360-degree reviews, real-time feedback, and pulse surveys. These formats allow for comprehensive feedback collection, ensuring a well-rounded view of an employee’s performance. Leapsome also includes peer-to-peer recognition features, empowering employees to acknowledge their colleagues’ achievements.

Goal management and alignment:

Leapsome facilitates goal setting, tracking, and alignment. Employees and managers can set SMART goals and align them with organizational objectives. Leapsome’s goal-tracking feature allows employees to monitor their progress, enhancing accountability and providing a clear roadmap for success.

Learning and Development:

Leapsome offers personalized learning paths and resources to support employees in acquiring new skills and knowledge. These resources can include training materials, courses, and knowledge-sharing platforms. By investing in employees’ development, Leapsome helps organizations enhance their talent pool and drive innovation.

Performance check-ins and coaching:

Leapsome facilitates regular performance check-ins and coaching conversations between employees and managers. These check-ins provide an opportunity to discuss progress, challenges, and goals. Leapsome’s one-on-one coaching feature promotes ongoing communication and guidance, enabling managers to provide timely feedback and support to their team members.

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