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Leaders, employees not confident on responsible AI use at work



“There’s no denying that AI holds immense opportunities for business transformation. However, our research shows that leaders and employees lack confidence in, and understanding of, their organizations’ intentions around AI deployment within the workplace,” said Jim Stratton, chief technology officer at Workday, in a statement.

These findings come in the heels of lukewarm reception towards AI at work – with only 62% of leaders and 52% of employees welcoming its adoption in the organization, according to the research.

Integrating AI at work

The report, which surveyed 1,375 business leaders and 4,000 employees across 15 countries, also found that there is still lack of clarity on the role people would play in the integration of AI in the workplace.

Seven in 10 of business leaders believe AI should be developed in a way that enables human review and intervention.

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