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Job ads turn to skills, pay transparency



Job ads are steadily changing to reflect new laws and regulations regarding hiring. 

As more states enact pay transparency legislation, job posts have started including salary details. In fact, by last August, more than half of the job ads in the U.S. posted on Indeed shared some type of salary information, the highest yet. 

But candidates are critical when companies only adhere to the letter of the law and not the spirit, a report showed. Companies that share overly broad pay ranges for a position are seen as “dishonest” and “disingenuous,” job hunters said. 

At the same time, job ads are less likely to have education requirements or a set number of years of experience and instead are focused more on skills, as employers turn to skills-based hiring to attract workers. Some state governments even legislated the removal of degree requirements for certain state jobs. 

Read on to see details on these trends HR Dive is following.

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