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Is employee engagement stagnating?



“In 2023, employees in the U.S. continued to feel more detached from their employers, with less clear expectations, lower levels of satisfaction with their organization, and less connection to its mission or purpose, than they did four years ago,” said Jim Harter, Chief Scientist, Workplace Management & Wellbeing at Gallup, on their website.

Actively disengaged employees

The statistics are significant as each percentage point shift in engagement represents approximately 1.6 million full- or part-time employees in the U.S, according to Gallup, noting that the economic impact of disengagement accounts for approximately $1.9 trillion in lost productivity nationally.

Meanwhile, the survey results also show a decline in actively disengaged workers from 18% in 2022 to 16% in 2023. However, the prevalence of not engaged employees, categorised as “quiet quitting,” stands at 50%.

The engagement ratio of engaged to actively disengaged workers has improved to 2.1-to-1 in 2023, up from 1.8-to-1 in the previous year, yet it falls short of the record high ratio of 2.7-to-1 in 2019.

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