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Is caste discrimination impacting your hiring, promotions or transfers?



“With that comes this notion that they’re bringing ideas of caste with them into the workplaces here in California, in particular, as a hotbed of technology and innovation… the argument is that it’s weaving its way into employment decisions on hiring, promotions, transfers, projects being awarded. It’s starting to wind its way through the technology sector enough that it’s leading to litigation.”

Caste discrimination an emerging issue for HR

Amendments are awaiting a third reading in the legislature once it returns from summer recess on Aug. 14, 2023. Whether or not the bill ultimately passes during this session, HR professionals still need to prepare themselves to deal with caste discrimination, as the issue is not going away, Rosenquist says.

“When I’ve read the reports, it looks like there’s indicators of caste that are affecting these particular people — like the name of the hometown they’re in, or a special diet that they might be eating, their last name, a type of religious practice that they engage in. Those are indicators of the region they’re from, which is then associated with caste,” Rosenquist said.

“In terms of hiring, as long as you have a variety of diverse panel members that are doing the hiring and not just one individual person making that decision, you’re going to get different perspectives on candidates … you’re less likely to see an improper decision. But my number one piece of advice is to educate yourself on these social issues.”

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