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Interest in employee tracking software surges



  1. Arizona (589 annual searches per 1,000 employers)
  2. Texas (472)
  3. Alaska (471)
  4. Maryland (422)
  5. Hawaii (422)
  6. Vermont (398)
  7. Utah (395)
  8. Nevada (384)
  9. Michigan (378)
  10. New York (377)

Without accounting for the number of active employers in the state, California had the highest number of annual Google searches for employee tracking software with 541,920.

“To see that interest in monitoring employees in the US is on the rise so sharply should be concerning for many employees who may not understand how these tools truly work,” said Andrew Fennell, director at StandOut CV, in a statement.

Features of monitoring tools

The number of large employers using tracking tools doubled since the beginning of the pandemic to 60%, according to Gartner in 2022.

This figure is also expected to rise to 70% in the next three years, despite the tools’ impact on retention and recruitment efforts. In a survey among IT managers by digital employee experience company 1E, 28% saw an uptick in employees quitting, while 27% saw difficulty in hiring new employees as monitoring tools get implemented.

Employees may be growing wary of potential privacy invasion, as the scope of what monitoring tools can track becomes more extensive.

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