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‘In name only’: Firms dropping degree requirements fall short in practice



Nearly all the actual hiring was carried out by 37% of the firms, which the report classified as “Skills-Based Hiring Leaders,” who also increased their share of workers hired without BAs by nearly 20%.

One-fifth of the firms analysed only made short-term gains after dropping degree requirements and ended up hiring a smaller share of workers without BAs in the long run, according to the report.

Approximately 45% of the firms seem to make a “change in name only,” according to the report, noting that these organisations made “no meaningful difference” in actual hiring behaviour despite removing degree requirements from job postings.

“Deeper analysis of actual hiring patterns suggests a wide gap between intent and impact,” the report read. “Simply dropping stated requirements seldom opens jobs to those who don’t have a college degree.”

“As a result, most companies’ commitment to Skills-Based Hiring manifests itself primarily at the level of policy.”

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