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Hybrid work makes employees happier, more loyal, HR leaders say



  • Increased employee productivity (85%)
  • Increased employee wellness (85%)
  • Benefited employees’ mental health (88%)
  • Allowed for optimal environment for employee learning and development (81%)

Mark Dixon, CEO of IWG, said their findings show that hybrid work arrangements are helping businesses improve their productivity, culture, and collaboration.

“We will continue to see more organisations adopting it to future-proof their operations,” he said in a statement. “Hybrid working is becoming standard practice and increasingly, without it, businesses simply won’t be able to get the talent.”

Leveraging hybrid work arrangements

With these findings, it’s no surprise that hybrid work arrangement is the most in-demand wellness benefit among employees, a fact that employers are using it for their advantage.

According to the report, 92% said they use hybrid work to recruit new employees, while 85% use it to keep talent in the business.

Furthermore, 89% of HR leaders said hybrid work keeps employed those who otherwise need to leave their roles, including parents, caregivers, and retirees.

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