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Hybrid work cuts down energy usage, carbon footprint: survey



“The global shift to hybrid working is not only bringing strong productivity and financial advantages to companies and work-life balance improvements to employees, but significant environmental benefits too,” said Mark Dixon, IWG CEO, in a statement.

“This latest research confirms that businesses that have adopted the hybrid model have already reduced their energy usage significantly.”

Hybrid setups and energy consumption

According to the report, 44% of respondents who reduced their traditional office space by a quarter saw reduced energy consumption and operational costs. Another 19% have achieved even greater reductions after slashing their office space by 26 to 50%.

These benefits are not going unnoticed by employers, as 79% said they are looking into downsizing their existing office spaces or facilitating access to flexible workspaces to further reduce overall energy consumption.

The findings come amid growing calls on world governments and organisations to carry out climate action as the world enters an era of “global boiling.”

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