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HR’s lack of understanding of AI slows down implementation: white paper



But Josh Bersin’s white paper found that many HR leaders remain apprehensive about AI’s role and are not sure about the technology’s potential for HR and talent-related use cases.

Bersin, however, reminded them that this is not the first time that CHROs and their workforces have had to adapt to emerging tech.

“Our aim is to help overcome that sense of intimidation,” he said. “Specifically, we’ve translated AI barriers into a relatable problem and reminded the CHRO that this is not the first time that HR departments have had to adapt and evolve their technology architecture or their data and how they harness it.”

According to Bersin, HR leaders should be more comfortable with the technology and what it can do.

“We show that could be [about] better targeting and reducing the time to hire, or in identifying less obvious talent pipelines, among many, many use cases,” he said.

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