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‘HR killer’ goes on trial in France



The next was Bertrand Meichel, another HR manager, who was shot at his home by a man posing as a pizza deliverer on the same night. Meichel, however, survived the shooting, according to the report.

The second victim was shot two days later, when a man with a facemask killed benefits director Patricia Pasquion at a local job centre in Valence, France. The third victim was HR manager Géraldine Caclin, who was also shot at an environmental services company near Valence, BBC reported.

Reasons for shooting

The police were able to trace the plate number of the car used at the local job centre killing, which led them to Fortin.

According to the police, Luce and Meichel had a hand in his dismissal from a company in 2006.

Regarding his links to Caclin, BBC reported that the HR manager led the dismissal proceedings after an unsuccessful trial period in 2009. After this, Fortin registered with the Valence job centre until his unemployment benefits ran out.

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