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How will new ruling around religious accommodation impact employers?



Can an employee refuse diversity training because of religious beliefs?

Will religious accommodation cases become more common?

The Groff case has been sent back down to the third circuit, armed with the new standard. How this new standard will play out in the courts has yet to be seen.

According to Bulut, religious accommodation cases have been fairly rare, with the exception of recent cases related to vaccine mandates, in which employees requested exemption based on religious grounds.

However, employers are likely to see more requests for accommodation, he says. These could include: time off for religious observance, providing time and a location for prayer, allowing religious attire in the workplace, and schedule changes.

“In certain areas of the country, if you’ve got a large portion of your workforce saying, ‘No, I don’t work on Sundays’ but the business is required to be open on a Sunday, and you’ve got employees who do not observe this Sabbath on Sundays saying, ‘I’m going to quit if you schedule me for each and every Sunday’ — it’s going to become much more problematic,” says Bulut.

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