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How should HR handle employees with more than one job?



An active Reddit community, “r/overemployment,” boasts almost 200,000 users trading tips on how to juggle multiple jobs successfully. One IT worker shared with the community how he went from earning $16/hour to $1.2 million in 2022 – working a whopping five remote roles.

Legal implications of overemployment

But what does this trend mean for HR departments?

The laws around such arrangements are evolving but there is nothing to prevent workers taking on more than one role.

In states like California, for example, a worker’s right to privacy outside their job is a prime consideration, said Lazerson, a partner with Sidney LLP in Palo Alto and San Francisco and co-chair of the firm’s labor and employment international practice group.

“California has the constitutional right to privacy,” she said. “Employers have limits to what they can control in terms of what people do outside the workplace.”

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