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How Ruffalo Noel Levitz flipped the recruitment norm



Ackley, who oversees employee relations, benefits administration, talent acquisition, and talent development, has worked at RNL for 24 years. Having first gained an expertise in talent acquisition and talent development, Ackley completed the executive education program at Cornell University.  

“I was recruiting and doing work in 2008, 2009, when the tables were absolutely flipped,” Ackley added. “Your employment brand didn’t matter in that recession because you had jobs to offer. Therefore, you were able to hire people coming out of that and the subsequent boom. And now employment brand and mission matter. These are the things that ultimately drive a reduction in internal turnover.” 

And limiting that turnover is a challenge for any industry.  

Twitter example

Ackley cited Twitter as a recent example, noting that despite experiencing significant turnover, their well-known culture creates a higher likelihood of retention among employees who align with their values.  

“That’s why the brand and engagement of the company matter,” Ackley said. “We are more selective in what we post and hire for because we know it’s going to be challenging to find the right candidates. So, while we are searching, we also present our culture and values to potential candidates. We are focused on presenting who we are as a business and how that aligns with what we’re looking for. The questions we receive from candidates are increasingly focused on culture and values.” 

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