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How many hours are employees saving due to gen AI?



Source: Contentful’s Generative AI Professional Usage and Perception Survey

“Gen AI is here to stay. It has the power to radically transform how we work together across teams and departments,” said Karthik Rau, CEO of Contentful, in a statement.

“By fostering a culture of knowledge and responsible usage, organisations can empower their workforce to harness the full capabilities of gen AI while unlocking the creativity of their teams.”

Access to generative AI

The time-saving benefits of gen AI at work come as more employers invest in such tools for their workforce, according to the report. It found that more than three-quarters of respondents have company-paid access to gen AI tools at work, with 61% of employees saying employer-provided access is “for the better.”

“Overall, most respondents view a potential employer’s decision to provide access to gen AI tools favourably in choosing whether or not to take a job, with far more ambivalence than any negative impact,” the report read.

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