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How employers can celebrate Juneteenth amid DEI backlash



Juneteenth is a federal holiday, meaning it is a day off for many employers across the U.S. — and a time to both celebrate and reflect ongoing equity efforts across the country.

This year, it may be a time for employers to consider the future of their diversity and inclusion programs amid rising political backlash around such programs. While a majority of employees tend to support DEI work, according to research from Pew Research Center, support tends to vary across demographic and political lines.

Additionally, employers may feel hounded by “diversity fatigue” — a waning interest in DEI work amid economic challenges and other concerns.

Despite these challenges, DEI remains a key aspect of company success, various experts have said, and one that does not necessarily require massive influxes of cash to see wins. Employee resource groups and other internal resources have long been cited as ways employers can maintain inclusion and belonging initiatives amid economic strife.

And celebrating Juneteenth is one way employers can signal their ongoing support. Read on below to see ways employers can do so in a respectful and engaging manner.

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