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How are employers responding to the Israel-Hamas conflict?



Handling politics at work

Politics have always been a touchy subject in the workplace amid concerns that it could cause divisions. A portion of employees are now saying that they want their chief executive officers to remain neutral on socio-political matters.

“This is becoming part of everyday life in the American workforce right now, where employers are having to grapple with these questions constantly,” said Schwartz-Fenwick in the DW article.

Jordan Zaslav, chief operating officer of Axios HQ, previously underscored the importance of handling and issuing such statements on political matters.

“I think the reason that this political conversation is so important is not just because if you mishandle it, it can become a PR crisis that takes over the C-suite’s week or month and damages the brand, but also because it really connects to productivity,” Zaslav previously told HRD.

“If your employees don’t feel like they can be themselves at work and bring their whole selves to work, they’re not going to be productive.”

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