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Updated for July, 2024.

Enjoy curling up with some of the books below to inspire you and help you gain ideas and knowledge to provide more value to your organization.

#1 … The HR Business Partner Handbook: A Practical Guide to Being Your Organization’s Strategic People Expert.

Author: Glenn Templeman

Packed with expert advice, this book reveals how HR Business Partners can be both the go-to people expert needed by employees and the trusted strategic ally needed by the business.

It includes guidance on all the people fundamentals needed as well as the importance of empathy, humility and how to demonstrate leadership on moral and ethical issues. Available for purchase HERE.


#2 … HR Unleashed: Developing The Difference That Makes A Difference.

Just released by Steve Browne.

Packed with heartfelt personal and professional anecdotes about Steve’s own journey to HR excellence, the bestselling author of HR on Purpose!! and HR Rising!! inspires and challenges HR professionals to do their best work while transforming the lives of people, organizations, and the world.  Available for purchase HERE.


#3 … The Essential HR Handbook: A Quick & Handy Resources for Any Manager or HR Professional 

Authors: Sharon Armstrong and Barbara Mitchell

For years, this has been one of the top HR strategy books on the market. It still is because it covers almost every HR topic you can think of.

This book focuses on best practices with workers, building relationships, and traversing HR problems in a complicated business world. A terrific go-to manual for HR professionals of all levels. Available for purchase HERE.


#4: The New HR Leader’s First 100 DAYS: How To Start Strong, Hit The Ground Running & ACHIEVE SUCCESS FASTER As a New Human Resources Manager, Director or VP.

Author: Alan Collins

ACE your first 100 days as a new leader. Discover the 15 proven rules followed by the most successful HR leaders they use to excel & get results faster during their critical first 100 days in their new role. Available for purchase HERE.


#5 … Impact Players: How To Take the Lead, Play Bigger & Multiply Your Impact.

Author: Liz Wiseman

This is your playbook for the new workplace.  In every organization, there are Impact Players — those indispensable collagues who can be counted on and who consistently receive high-profile assignments and new opportunities. Based on a study of 170 top achievers, Liz Wiseman identifies the five practices that differentiate these Impact Players. These practices — and the right mindset — can help any employee contribute at their fullest and shows leaders how they can raise the level of play for everyone on the team.  Available for purchase HERE.


#6 … Stay Inspired in HR: 21 Positive Reminders To Keep You Motivated, Encouraged, Confident & Committed to Success in Human Resources!

Author: Alan Collins

If you’re an HR professional or leader, this book is designed to help you overcome those frustrations, the stress, and those inevitable bad days we all go through in HR — faster. It’s packed with a fantastic collection of inspirational advice, pep talks, proven action steps, and quick reminders for when you need to fire yourself up, boost your self-confidence, stay motivated, re-focus, and re-energize. Available for purchase HERE.


#7 … Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High, Third Edition

Authors: Joseph Grenny, Kerry Patterson, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler, Emily Gregory

Skilled communication is important in any profession but especially in HR. This popular book will teach you how to communicate more confidentyly and effectively, for example being more persuasive, keep dialogue productive, and reamin calm when the stakes are high. Useful for the workplace and in everyday life!  Available for purchase HERE.


#8: Effective Hiring: Mastering the Interview, Offer, and Onboarding (The Paul Falcone Workplace Leadership Series)

Author: Paul Falcone

As you’re no doubt aware, recruitment is one of the trickiest of HR’s accountabilites. Then, once you’ve convinced someone to join, you’ve got to 1) convince them they made the right decision and 2) get them up to speed and productive as soon as possible.

Here Falcone walks you through the challenges you’re going to face during these delicate stages of the employee life cycle, including advice on interviewing, assessing candidates and guiding them through onboarding.  Available for purchase HERE.


#9 … The HR Answer Book: An Indespensible Guide For Managers and Human Resources Professionals

Authors: S. Smith and R. Mazin

This is the go-to book for quick answers around HR issues. It is easy to read, concise and offers guidance on all issues found in HR. Answers range from the simple to the complex, making it a great quick reference book for everyone interested in HR or are working in the field. It is one of the books for HR professionals that should be kept in the HR libraries.  Available for purchase HERE.


#10 … Employees Gone Wild: Crazy (and True!) Stories of Office Misbehavior, and What You Can Learn From the Mistakes of Others

Author: Richard Burton

An enticing title if there ever was, Burton is a former attorney hired by companies to represent them when their employees go a bit cray-cray. These tales will shock you, but that’s not the aim of the book. Burton also provides practical advice about what to do in such scenarios so you don’t fall into the same pitfalls. We’re sure you have some stories you could add to this anthology!  Available for purchase HERE.


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