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Half of employees skip work to watch FIFA world cup



These findings indicate a problem on workplace culture, according to UKG, particularly on how managers handle time off requests from their employees. According to 43% of the respondents, they are “uncomfortable” requesting time off from work, with 11% rarely asking for it because their manager usually gives them a hard time.

Another 36% said they find it “difficult to request time off” from work because of difficult processes, inflexible policies, among others. For 34%, they want to save their personal or sick time for “emergencies only,” while 12% said their previous time-off requests had been rejected at least once before.

Heavy workload also plays a hand on employees’ hesitancies, as 22% said their responsibilities at work prevent them from taking time off.

Addressing the problem through communication

Organisations can address the potential absence problems with a lot of open communication, according to UKG chief people office Pat Wadors.

“And, as with everything in today’s world of work — from taking time off to how people are paid — it all starts with our managers,” Wadors said in a statement. “They need to lead the way with authentic, vulnerable, and transparent communication, so we can create productive workforce cultures built on a foundation of trust and belonging.”

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