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Growing number of workers looking for new jobs



Nearly half (47%) of American and Canadian respondents to a previous survey are watching for or actively seeking a new job, and 71% think this is a good time to find new employment.

Workers’ financial struggles

The financial aspects of life has been tough on workers, according to PwC’s Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2023, which heard from nearly 54,000 workers in 46 countries and territories.

Fewer workers in 2023 (38%) than in 2022 (47%) say that their household is able to pay all bills every month and has enough left for savings, holidays and extras.

More workers this year (42% in 2023 compared to 37% in 2022) say that their household has nothing left for savings.

More workers also say that their household struggles to pay bills (14% this year compared to 10% last year) and that their household cannot pay bills most of the time (4% this year compared to 2% last year).

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