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‘Grow your own pipeline’: HR head at Clarke County



In a field that traditionally offers lower wages than private sector companies – charter school districts are independent, but publicly-funded – in an increasingly competitive environment, Blankenship has looked to leveraging benefits offerings to bring more teachers to the district.

That includes tactics such as matching 403(b)-type investments for employees who aren’t eligible for the more desirable teacher’s retirement plan, and paying out unused sick time when staff leave employment after certain tenures.

Plus, looking to their own existing workforce as a resource for talent is an important aspect of their leadership development.

“We have developed a sort of ‘Grow your own pipeline,” Blankenship said. “So, looking at our teacher’s assistant peer professionals, and how we can help those who are interested to move into a credentialed position, and looking at those who are looking for changes from other industries to come into education, because they find that work appealing as opposed to the ‘rat race’.”

“I’m very fortunate to have a very strong team in place.”

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