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Golden State Warrior’s SVP of people: HR in the sports-mad world of US basketball



Where the role differs, Dangerfield explains, is the publicity – the attention and eyes that’re constantly on the sport.

“Publicity is a big part of it and the amount of attention on the role. I think most HR people, if you go to a party and you say I work in HR, people tend to not want to talk too much about your job. But when you work for a professional sports team, there’s a lot of interest in it. That took some getting used to.”

And when it comes to recruiting for this sports-mad field, there’s a lot of interest.

“We get a lot of people applying, and for the most part it’s not people looking for tickets or access,” says Dangerfield. “People are interested in working in sports. There’s not a lot of jobs in sports – so any role you advertise for there’s a lot of interest in. I think the main challenge for us is making sure people really understand the roles – because I think there’s this idea of what the job is and the reality can look very different.”

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