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Global office use still at 50% of pre-pandemic levels despite RTO mandates



On the other hand, workpoints, which occupy an average of 80% of total floor space relative to collaborative spaces, are barely used.

The report found that 36% of workpoints are never occupied, while 29% are only used for up to three hours, 21% are used between three to five hours, and 14% are used for more than five hours.

The data signals an opportunity for employers to “reconsider” their space mix, according to the report.

“It’s time to rethink the humble desk,” Alex Birch, co-founder and chief executive officer of XY Sense, told Bloomberg.

“They dominate space in our offices, they’re expensive and we’re just not using them the way we were pre-pandemic. Companies just need less of them now that people do the majority of their focus work at home.”

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