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Glentel’s HR blueprint: Navigating talent wars in retail’s new normal



Talent management and succession planning, according to Bobyreva, present their own set of challenges. Her advice to organizations is to have potential candidates inside and outside the organization ready for when the time to step up is right.

 The organic approach to talent management is something that many organizations are now tapping into. According to data from Sumtotal, upskilling and reskilling are the top priorities of nearly 60% of L&D professionals – with specific workforce training programs focused on soft skill delivering a staggering 350% return on investment.

‘A lack of suitable candidates for key critical roles’

According to Bobyreva, retaining high-potential employees is another hurdle, as the lack of promotion opportunities can present flight risks. Short-term focus, addressing current skill gaps without considering emerging skills, is similarly another worrying pitfall among employers.

“One challenge is that there can be a lack of suitable candidates for key critical roles,” Bobyreva says. “Another issue is retaining high potential; even if you have identified star employees, if they are ready now for promotion, but there’s no vacancy for them to move up, then they become a flight risk.”

Operating in the fast-paced wireless retail sector, Glentel relies on the expertise of its sales associates. To achieve this, HR programs are designed with the end goal in mind—making sales staff more successful, efficient, and engaged. Pulse checks, exit and new hire surveys, and frontline insights drive retention program adaptation to meet the evolving needs of the staff.

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