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Glassdoor adds anonymous company-specific communities



Glassdoor now offers anonymous company-specific and industry-specific communities, the company announced Tuesday.

Capitalizing on its acquisition of Fishbowl two years ago, the change is part of a company-wide rebrand — a new app experience and focus on communities as workers demand more ways to share their feedback, the company said.

The newly unveiled “bowls” — communities that users can join that reflect their industries, interests or identities — reflect the capacity brought to the site by the Fishbowl acquisition in 2021. Fishbowl was a social networking site where workers could anonymously share questions and insights with one another.

“The workplace is rapidly changing, and we’re seeing new needs and desires emerge from job seekers, employees and employers. This includes more transparent communication and connection with colleagues and the ability to have anonymous or open conversations on a wide range of topics that cover work and life,” said Christian Sutherland-Wong, Glassdoor CEO.

Such a change will also help companies better express their employer brand and define their employee experience, Sutherland-Wong said.

Glassdoor will host 10,000 interest bowls and 30,000 company-specific bowls as part of the change, the company said.

Employee engagement is declining across industries, a Gallup poll revealed earlier this year, reflecting trends such as “quiet quitting” and heightened burnout as companies return to a new normal after the pandemic brought sweeping changes to how work was done.

Part of that rising disengagement may be due in part to a lack of clarity of expectations and poor communication, experts previously told HR Dive. Ongoing conversations between employees and leadership are key to staving off discontent, as is recognition of successes, they noted.

Surveying workers and taking feedback are incredibly important, according to an ADP report released earlier this year — but employers must be sure to actually touch base with workers on that feedback and use it to make changes, reports have said.

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