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Gen Zs turning to TikTok for career advice



Avery Morgan, chief communications officer at EduBirdie, shared a piece of advice to young people.

“Don’t be a boomer and fall victim to misinformation. If you’re not fact-checking the things you hear and questioning whether the accounts you follow are legit, the online world will inevitably cause you problems in the real one,” Morgan said in a statement.

Impact on careers

TikTok has grown extremely popular since its launch 2016 – and its fame has also made an impact on Gen Zs still trying to figure out what they want in life.

According to the EduBirdie report, 51% of Gen Zs think being a TikTok star can be a viable long-term career, demonstrating how being an online personality has become an attractive career prospect for younger people.

But majority aren’t even doing it for the fame, according to the report.

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