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‘From four states to 30’: Why Suzy recruits from anywhere



“I realized when I first started that I didn’t really like it, and in fact, I wasn’t very good at it,” says Onesto. “The first employer I worked for actually fired me – and it was a career-changing moment for me because I realized this was not what I wanted to do. Accounting was something inspired by my father, himself an accountant, who said you’ll always find a job.

So Onesto went back to the recruiting firm that placed him and asked what else they had on the table.

“They actually asked me to recruit for them,” he tells HRD. “Next thing you know, I’m a recruiter.”

From here, Onesto rode the dot-com boom in New York City, doing some amazing recruiting for tech roles in the early 90sw. It was then that people started asking him to complete more ‘HR-led’ tasks for the firms – building employee manuals and deciding policies.

“And I loved it,” says Onesto. “It was then that one of the founders of a start-up we’d pitched asked me to join them. I got bitten by the start-up bug – I like to say I got my PhD in start-ups.”

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