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Fear factor: Employees reveal deepest workplace phobias



  • Public speaking (16%)
  • Getting fired (13%)
  • Making a mistake (13%)
  • Being disliked by co-workers or boss (9%)
  • Not being able to handle the workload (2%)

Impact on employees

These fears have devastating effect on employees, with 81% saying they would not accept their dream job if it meant facing their biggest fear, according to the report.

A similar number said their fears have already negatively impacted their work. This is reflected in instances such as:

  • Frequent absences from work (37%)
  • Missing out on promotions (35%)
  • Being forced to quit a job (35%)
  • Missing out on pay raises (32%)

More than seven in 10 (74%) respondents also said they felt discriminated against because of their fears, with 80% believing that having such phobias is something to be ashamed of.

Need for greater mental health support

These workplace fears demonstrate how it’s critical to support mental health, including fears and phobias, at work, according to Nina Paczka, Career Expert at LiveCareer.

According to the report, employees are keeping their fears and phobias to themselves because they feel ashamed (21%) and they don’t trust anyone enough to share them (17%). But for those who expressed their fears (80%), they did so to a co-worker (40%) or to the company’s HR team (31%).

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