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  • recruit and manage employees
  • track attendance and leave
  • manage approvals for leave, benefits, and expenses
  • handle onboarding, training, and appraisals/evaluation
  • automate integral HR-related tasks such as Talent Acquisition job advertisements
  • manage Employee Repositories for external documentation
  • schedule Training Program modules
  • manage KPIs (key performance indicators) for future employee evaluations
  • use Automate Payroll to generate payslips based on time sheets
  • configure approvals using the Leave Management System


Your business can integrate production planning by using ERPNext’s Production Analysis to track sales orders and inventories, manage Bill of Material, capture daily activities using Floor Management, track Subcontracting processes, track material consumption through Material Resource Planning, eliminate bottlenecks through Capacity Planning, and prevent stock outs through Stock Replenishment and Quick Stock Balance.


ERPNext enables your business to automate and simplify your customer relationship management tasks by using Call Popup to convert all interactions into data, distribute assignment rules through Automated Daily Chores, generate 360-view, Sales Team Efficiency, and Sales Pipeline reports, and track Digital Marketing campaigns and newsletters.


With ERPNext, your business can organize, schedule, plan, and analyze projects with a task-driven approach that streamlines collaboration and decreases inefficiencies.

Tracking project deadlines using ERPNext’s all-in-one workspace can enable employees to estimate deadlines accurately, assess collaboration by tracking project progress through Agile Tracking, use To-Do lists and Real-Time chat to manage assignments easier, as well as defining activities and checking profitability using Time-Tracking and Billing tools.


ERPNext enables you to create more responsive customer support through:

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