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Episode #7: Employee Recognition: The Key To Building A World Class Culture



Although some companies may be enjoying lower turnover rates, employees and leaders are still leaving companies at a rapid rate – often because of a lack of recognition for their contributions.

In HRMorning‘s “Voices of HR” podcast, Jason Lindstrom, CEO of Bucketlist Rewards, said when people are deeply aligned around meaningful purpose and vision and are acknowledged for living your culture and values, you can lower your turnover rate by 20%, 30% or 40%.

About our expert guest

Jason Lindstrom is the founder and CEO of Bucketlist Rewards, a leading employee recognition platform. Jason believes in the importance of employee appreciation that helps companies create success by motivating people to grow and thrive. He has worked with hundreds of organizations, helping them roll out effective recognition programs.

He’s worked with companies like the NBA’s Orlando Magic, Royal Bank of Canada, University of Texas Arlington and Stamford Hospital.

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