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Episode #41: Rethink recruiting at your small to mid-sized business



Episode 41

Rethink Recruiting At Your Small To Mid-Sized Business

Success in attracting top talent is every bit as important as winning customers, but many small businesses focus more on marketing their product than marketing their company to potential new hires. According to Thad Price, CEO of HR tech company Talroo, “Many job seekers want more, they want a career path. They want to be part of something bigger. This requires you to rethink how you attract the candidates that want to grow with you. And that’s marketing, right? That’s buying into the brand, focusing your energy on the right audience that’s looking for an opportunity and not just this transactional nature of income.”

Guest Spotlight

Thad Price

CEO, Talroo

Thad Price is the CEO of Austin, TX-based Talroo, the data-driven job and hiring event advertising platform that helps businesses reach the candidates they need to build their essential workforce. With more than 17 years of experience in online recruitment and the job search vertical, Thad is a recognized thought leader in the HR/talent acquisition space. Under Thad’s leadership, Talroo continues its mission of disruption in the industry. Prior to joining Talroo, he was a VP of Business Development at

“You never want a sales lead to just sit. It’s the same with candidates, especially in this environment where there’s been so much job creation over the last few years. You can’t let a candidate sit because they’re going to go to the other company that responds faster and gives them an opportunity.”

Thad Price, CEO, Talroo

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