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Episode #39: Building a strong early talent pipeline



Episode 39

Building A Strong Early Talent Pipeline

Consistently developing college grads and early-in-career talent into long-term high performers is a constant struggle for employers. It may take developing an internship or mentorship program or investing in a financial wellness program. For insights on attracting and developing these high-potential workers, we called in Paloma Thombley, VP of People at Handshake.

Guest Spotlight

Paloma Thombley

VP of People, Handshake

Paloma Thombley oversees the HR function and talent acquisition team at Handshake, an online resource for preparing and connecting students and employers. In the four years since she joined Handshake, the company has tripled the size of its workforce and expanded globally. Paloma has a background in rapidly growing startups, established tech and public sector employment. She is passionate about developing teams and managers, improving the employee experience, and building the right processes and structures for scale – to get ahead of the things that may break before they happen.

“Offering benefits like student loan repayment assistance and financial advising tells students that this is something that you care about, which I think really is going to pique their interest (in your company) more.”

Paloma Thombley, VP of People, Handshake

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