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Episode #38: The future of hiring in manufacturing



Episode 36

The Future Of Hiring In Manufacturing

HR pros in the manufacturing industry can attract and retain talent by measuring and delivering data that backs up HR’s effectiveness. Joanne Taylor, Vice President of Operations for Clear Employer Services, tells us that we need to hire not just for what we need today, but for where we need to be in five or 10 years. “Look at the data and the projections from a sales and marketing and business strategy and how does that shape the future of the skills that we’re going to need in five years? That’s where HR becomes the strategic partner that we really truly should be in an organization,” she said.

Guest Spotlight

Joanne Taylor

Vice President of Operations, Clear Employer Services

Joanne Taylor is a senior HR leader who drives value to businesses with her expertise in human capital management, project management, consulting and employee engagement. As Vice President of Operations for Clear Employer Services, she collaborates with her clients’ leadership teams to assess organizational readiness, influences and supports business development, and advises them on change management strategies for technology deployment and adoption.

“You’ve got this workforce that maybe they’ve been on the job 10, 20 years, and they have to train a new person and then train a new person because of the turnover. We need to take a step back and say, ‘How can we prepare the workforce that’s in place for a new generation of workers?’ because they’re not going to work like you’ve worked.”

Joanne Taylor, VP of Operations, Clear Employer Services

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