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Episode #14: What You Need to Know About Recruiting Top Gen Z Talent



Thanks to Gen Z, workplaces must view employee life, work and health through a different, more meaningful lens.

In HRMorning‘s “Voices of HR” podcast, Radina Walsh, founder, trainer and talent manager of Vox Advisory shares some insights and strategies for recruiting and retaining the best this generation has to offer.

About our expert guest

Radina Walsh is a remote talent advisor, virtual lecturer, LinkedIn trainer, and psychologist originally from Bulgaria, and currently based in Ireland. After 10 years in the corporate world, working in executive search and in the global recruitment teams of LinkedIn and Airbnb, she set up her own remote consultancy, Vox Advisory, in 2019. She is on the advisory board of a couple of rising startups and collaborates with international organizations in setting up their talent strategy, as well as training the hiring teams and supporting the human capital function.

She is an individual consultant for talented managers and business owners who want to enhance or establish their LinkedIn presence.

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