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Episode #13: Executing a Best-In-Class Health Benefits Portfolio



A traditional health plan is outdated for a workforce that may include up to five generations. It could result in you having an expensive, disjointed program with dozens of underutilized services and dissatisfied employees.

In HRMorning‘s “Voices of HR” podcast, Jason Parrott of Vida Health, said the key to improving your benefits strategy, communication and employee health outcomes is a tech-enabled, yet human-centric, approach.

About our expert guest

Jason Parrott is Senior Vice-President of Enterprise Growth & Partnerships at Vida Health, a San Francisco-based health technology company. Previously, Jason led the Healthcare & Well Being Strategy of The Boeing Company, the world’s largest aerospace company and top U.S. exporter. Before that, Jason led the benefits strategy for AT&T, the world’s largest telecom company.

He was Chairman of the Board for Midwest Business Group on Health, as well as a board member of Employer Health Innovation Roundtable, Integrated Benefits Institute and Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute. Jason earned an M.B.A. and M.S. in Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Illinois State University.

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