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Engagedly Review



  • Slow page response time: Some customers have reported that the Engagedly platform can sometimes be slow to load.
  • Lack of customization: Some customers have requested more customization options for Engagedly, such as the ability to change the font and color of the homepage.
  • Can be complicated to navigate: Some users have found the platform to be a bit complicated to navigate, especially if they have had multiple promotions throughout the year and are trying to respond to the right manager for their performance review.

Overall, Engagedly seems to be a well-liked platform with a lot of potential. However, there are a few areas where it could be improved, such as page response time and customization options.

What are the competitors of Engagedly?

Not sure if Engagedly is the ideal fit for your business needs? Consider the following employee engagement software options instead:

Engagedly is a good fit for companies that are looking to improve employee engagement, productivity, and performance. The platform is easy to use and user-friendly, and it has been shown to be effective in improving employee engagement, performance, and reducing turnover.

Engagedly can help increase employee engagement by providing a platform for employees to connect with each other, give and receive feedback, and celebrate their successes. Engagedly can also help reduce turnover by providing a positive and supportive work environment where employees feel valued and appreciated.

If you are looking for a cloud-based workforce management solution that can help you boost employee engagement in your company, then Engagedly is a great option.

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