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Employment discrimination, sexual abuse case against Fox to push through



The lawsuit claims that starting in 1991, Ailes instructed her to meet him at a hotel in Virginia for what would become the first incident of years of alleged abuse, instructing her to dress in a black garter and stockings, calling it her “uniform,” and telling her to dance for him. Ailes apparently videotaped her doing so, along with calling her a “whore” and “spy” and demanding she perform oral sex.

Ailes allegedly would refer to other photos and videos of Luhn as his “insurance,” according to the complaint.

These “booking meetings” at hotels allegedly would be repeated several times until 2005.

And the organization covered up these abuses, according to the complaint.

“Not only was Fox News aware of Ailes’s ongoing sexual abuse, but it also did everything within its power to discredit women who came forward by silencing, firing, blacklisting, and publicly smearing them. Throughout its first two decades in existence, Fox News repeatedly protected its powerful male executives at the expense of women employees who faced abuse and trauma.”

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