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Employers step up to support workers going through divorce



Major employers offer divorce benefits

For example, major UK employers including Metro Bank, NatWest, PwC, Tesco, Unilever, and Vodafone have partnered with the Positive Parenting Alliance to promote more family-friendly policies for employees undergoing divorce.

In the US, publishing company Hearst rolled out a divorce-benefits programme for its 12,000 employees through a partnership with SupportPay, a child-support management and payment platform for co-parents, in September 2022, says the BBC.

The benefits include free therapy sessions and legal assistance, according to the company. The programme aims to address the negative repercussions of separation that affect “how [employees] feel, how they do their jobs and their overall wellbeing”, says Maria Walsh, Hearst’s SVP and head of benefits.

Impact of divorce on workers

Aside from personal repercussions, individuals are also seeing the impact of divorce on their work. A study in 2022 found that almost 44% of individuals undergoing divorce agreed that it negatively impacted their job, career, or work.

“Our quantitative findings illustrate that divorcing individuals reported more negative mood at work and lower self-evaluated health than individuals married/cohabiting and never divorced, those divorced within five years, and those divorced over five years,” the study said.

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