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Employers avoid hiring ‘entitled’ Gen Zs: report



  • Lack professionalism (57%)
  • Don’t respond well to feedback (55%)
  • Lack work ethic (52%)
  • Have poor communication skills (52%)
  • Cost more to train (51%)
  • Lack motivation (50%)
  • Lack technological skills (32%)

As a result of these behaviours, 47% of the respondents admitted that they’ve fired a recent college graduate.

Pandemic impact on college grads

Diane Gayeski, professor of strategic communications at Ithaca College, said employers need to recognize the impact of the pandemic to recent college graduates, especially on how they behave.

“Employers need to recognize that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, young people graduating from college had more than two years of disruption in their education as well as their social and professional development,” Gayeski said in a statement.

“Current seniors were in their freshman year at the height of COVID. They likely took classes online and were unable to participate in clubs, internships, or summer jobs.”

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