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Employer offers ketamine therapy as part of standardized benefits plan



According to data from the CDC, depression alone accounts for 200 million lost days of work every year – costing employers upwards of $44 billion.

Ketamine is sometimes used to treat depression and anxiety, and as a survivor of childhood abuse, Liz, an employee at Dr. Bonners, says the drug has been very helpful.

“When the sessions were over, I felt tired but incredible. Like I was just given a massage to my soul,” Liz wrote in a blog post. “The dissociative effects of Ketamine allowed me to disconnect myself from my trauma to feel the real me inside…and I was able to assess the abuse, my abusers, and myself from an entirely different perspective.”

Positive results with ketamine therapy

According to data from benefits provider Enthea, partner to Dr Bronner’s:

  • 86% of the employees who accessed ketamine therapy saw an improvement with PTSD symptoms
  • 67% saw an improvement in depressive disorders and 65% felt better in dealing with their anxiety
  • 65% saw an improvement in dealing with a generalized anxiety disorder.

“The results speak for themselves and demonstrate the unique effectiveness of ketamine-assisted therapy,” adds Dan Rome, Chief Medical Officer of Enthea. “Psychedelic therapy’s potential stems from its distinctive mechanism of action in the brain. It fosters increased neural plasticity and heightened connectivity between brain regions which leads to a profound shift in consciousness and perception, fostering introspection, personal insight, and, ultimately, psychological healing.”

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