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Employees think their bosses don’t care about their wellbeing



  • Overworked and underpaid (41%)
  • Feeling burnt out (33%)
  • Do not feel supported by their manager (24%)
  • Don’t think their employer cares about their wellbeing (23%)

Employees also don’t think very highly of their organisation’s wellbeing strategies. Half of the respondents rated as average or poor their organisation’s support on the following:

  • Mental wellbeing (51%)
  • Financial wellbeing (56%)
  • Physical wellbeing (50%)

Opportunities for employers around wellbeing

Anthony Knierim, Managing Director, Americas of Reward Gateway, said employee wellbeing will be critical for employees seeking success this year.

“Considering that work occupies a significant portion of individuals’ schedules and is intricately linked to their sense of identity and achievement, employers hold a distinctive opportunity,” Knierim said in a media release.

“They can not only enhance employee retention and productivity, but also wield substantial influence over the personal happiness and engagement of their workforce.”

According to the report, HR leaders seeking to attract talent and boost their wellbeing can look into improving positive recognition, among other steps.

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