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Employees cut back on vacations plans due to economic uncertainty, understaffing



Further underscoring the impact of economic uncertainty, 20% of employees said they won’t be able to take vacations at all due to understaffing following layoffs. For 37% of the respondents, they said they won’t have anyone to leave their work to while on break, while eight per cent said they’re afraid of losing their jobs.

This trend of not taking leave days has been gaining ground across the world for some time.

In Ireland, more than one in five workers did not use their annual leave in 2021 due to manpower shortage. In New Zealand, more than half of employees admitted that they reported to the office despite feeling sick, fuelled by heavy workload, financial constraints, among others.

“Sacrificing personal time to maintain job security is a common occurrence during financial crises,” said Viktor Grekov, business productivity expert and founder of the OKR Software company Oboard. “However, this can have devastating consequences for both employees and employers.”

Switching off work

The trend of not taking a break is only part of a bigger “worrying picture” on how employees struggle to stay away from their jobs, according to the report.

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