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EEOC looks for feedback in implementing Pregnant Workers Fairness Act



More accommodations for pregnant workers

“The PWFA is a step forward for workers, families and the economy. This important new civil rights law promotes the economic security and health of pregnant and postpartum workers by providing them with access to support on the job to keep working, which helps employers retain critical talent,” said EEOC Chair Charlotte A. Burrows.

“The EEOC’s bipartisan proposed regulation furthers the agency’s leadership role in fulfilling the promise of the PWFA’s protections. We encourage the public to provide meaningful feedback about how the proposal would impact workplaces and ways to assist employers and workers in understanding the law.”

The EEOC’s proposal, which will be formally published on August 11, 2023, adds a long list of new accommodations available to pregnant workers, such as modified equipment and uniforms, remote work, and modified or part-time work schedules, Reuters reported.

EEOC wants public feedback on pregnant workers’ rules

The statement will be posted and available for feedback for 60 days starting Friday. It also includes examples of possible accommodations available under the rules, and how they are implemented, and interprets terms such as “communicates to employer” and “essential functions”.

“The regulation provides concrete, real-world examples that help workers understand their rights and help employers comply with the new law and reap the benefit of retaining skilled employees,” said EEOC vice chair Jocelyn Samuels.

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