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EEOC alleges staffing firm recruited based on race, seeks class members



The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission put out a call last week for workers who applied for a job with nationwide staffing firm BaronHR.

The federal agency sued the firm last year, alleging the employer for years failed to recruit and refer Black, Asian and White, non-Hispanic workers for low-skill positions and denied workers placement opportunities based on sex.

EEOC also alleged BaronHR screened out individuals with disabilities and perceived disabilities. It exclusively hired and referred “physically fit candidates” with no history of injury, the commission alleged.

EEOC said it now seeks to identify class members for the lawsuit: “Individuals who believe that they did not get a job placement through BaronHR due to discrimination based on their race, national origin, sex, or disability should contact the EEOC to determine whether they may be claimants in the EEOC’s lawsuit.”

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