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‘Don’t over-engineer programs’: Global HRVP on talent management



A year after its company-wide implementation, the program has been a huge success, even at the global C-suite level, Thompson says. It is now going into its third cohort.

Core talent development, C-suite buy-in

With what she calls her core HR team, Thompson has also developed a special talent program that sees CEOs select two to three top talent from their companies to participate in an eight-month talent development program. This culminates in 20-minute pitch presentations to their group management board.  

This presentation is a key aspect of the program, she says, explaining that without the right exposure, potential leaders in an organization can go unnoticed. She learned this principle from her own mentor, Tim Goodly, senior vice president and CHRO at AMB Group.

“We all know there’s fantastic people,” Thompson said. “But if the right people don’t know they exist, and if they aren’t able to get in front of the right people, then they’re that person who probably is going to leave your organization, because they are a rock star, but they’re not getting that exposure and that light that they need to really shine.”

Keeping employee premiums flat

Thompson also takes pride in implementing an unbundled, self-funded healthcare plan featuring “zero copay voluntary benefits.”

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