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Disruption at work: Super Bowl LVIII



“Trust is the new currency at work, and it pays dividends. We all have lives outside of the workplace — yes, even managers. We need to focus on being more open with one another, communicating our distinct needs and wants, so we know how to best support our teammates and achieve our goals together,” Conrad said in a media release.

“Super Bowl Monday isn’t a national holiday, but we can use cultural moments like this one to keep the lines of communication open and foster trust, as we work together to create a great place to work for all people.”

IT chaos expected post-game

Meanwhile, physical workplaces won’t be the only locations struggling on the Monday after Superbowl, according to reports.

A recent survey by Atera revealed that 75% of IT professionals are anticipating the post-game Monday to be the busiest day of the year for tech problems and emergencies, especially with 41% of hybrid workers opting for remote work on that day.

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