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Disconnects between HR, C-suite evident with layoffs: survey



  • 59% more likely to feel overwhelmed and burnt out
  • 25% less likely to feel fully engaged with their job
  • 50% more likely to worry about job security for themselves or their team

“Lack of alignment can have negative consequences that reverberate across people teams and through to the employees they work with,” the report read.

Consequences for HR, C-suite disconnect

The consequences can manifest during layoffs, according to the report.

“Laying off employees is an incredibly challenging decision that typically requires HR and C-suite leaders to move in lockstep as they make decisions to reduce their workforce, communicate changes, and provide support to employees,” the report read.

However, the lack of alignment can see HR teams and the C-suite disagree over recovery from layoffs.

HR teams said their C-suite does not provide enough support for addressing low morale (59%), training managers on how to talk about layoffs (62%), or with redefining roles (63%).

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