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Did the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder lead to positive change in the workplace?



This is according to CNCB’s inaugural Black Business Leadership Survey, conducted in partnership with the Executive Leadership Council (ELC), that surveyed Black senior leaders in the C-suite or at the executive vice president level.

According to the findings, 88% said their companies made a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies after Floyd’s murder.

Some 41% of the respondents saw increased representation of Black executives in the leadership team since 2020, according to the survey, while 40% said performance on DEI goals have been included in the compensation structure of senior leaders.

Another 48% also saw improvement on how organisations treated their Black executives, according to the report.

Fewer opportunities for Black employees

Despite these achievements, the report also found that there are still areas where organisations that fell short of their commitments to DEI.

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