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Demand rises for AI, leadership, and IT certification skills – report



“Workers today need tech skills as much as they need soft, or power skills,” he added.

Generative AI gains popularity

According to the report, more employees were now moving towards learning how they can utilize generative AI in their roles and businesses.

In Udemy’s Global Learning & Skills Trends Report, ChatGPT was the fastest growing skill for 2023. There was also a growing demand for cybersecurity courses as well as ethical hacking, with the latter seeing an increased demand within the industries of entertainment and media.

Amidst a landscape that was beginning to be more focused on AI, many workers showed their interest in improving their human skills such as active listening, customer service, and work-life balance.

Focus on certification training

There was also an increase among learners who were looking to garner more certifications as the job market continues to be competitive. Udemy saw about 10 million enrollments in its IT certification training within the platform over the past year, with more opting for certification preparation courses.

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