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Deadly heatwaves devastate cities on 4 continents



Egyptian medical and security sources told Reuters on Thursday that at least 530 Egyptians had perished while participating, a sharp increase from the 307 reported the previous day. Additionally, 40 Egyptians remain missing.

The Mediterranean region has also been hit hard, enduring another week of scorching temperatures that have fueled forest fires from Portugal to Greece and along Algeria’s northern coast. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Earth Observatory highlighted the widespread impact of these fires, said Reuters.

In Serbia, meteorologists predict temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) this week, driven by hot winds from North Africa sweeping across the Balkans. The country’s health authorities have issued a red weather alert, advising residents to stay indoors, said Reuters. Belgrade’s emergency services reported that their doctors intervened 109 times overnight to assist individuals with heart and chronic health conditions.

Neighboring Montenegro has also been affected, with health authorities urging people to remain in the shade until late afternoon. Despite the warnings, tens of thousands of tourists flocked to the beaches along the Adriatic coast, seeking respite from the intense heat.

In the U.S., several cities are breaking decades-old temperature records this week as a heat wave stretches from central to eastern portions of the country, said Reuters citing the National Weather Service, in what officials are warning could become a deadly weather event.

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